Ladies Who Shave Probably Are Getting More Action in Bed

trimming bushesIn order to share with you why I think ladies who shave or at least trim (shall I say maintain?) the hairs down there are getting it on more than the ladies who don't I first have to reveal some very embarrassing details. If you are still reading and you are my mom, I warned you. Maybe some of you can relate. Mom, I don't want to know.

I got my very first Brazilian bikini wax about 10 or so years ago. It changed my life. Let's just say that the first time you take a shower and the water trickles down that area when that area is totally free from any kind of hairs it's feels kind of nice. And when the sex happens and you're hair free let's just say the bits you want to be stimulated really are because they are no longer hidden by the bush. I don't want to say that the less hair you have down there the less inhibited you are because that's not exactly true, but I do think if you are maintaining your lady hairs, you are probably getting more action in bed. 


I guess I just felt more frisky. More excitable. But a new study commissioned by British pharmacy UKMedix revealed that more women in the UK ages 18 to 30 are going more natural down there -- 51 percent said they don't groom below the belt. Most of the women who are no longer getting waxed said they used to but don't anymore. Which I get. It's been about five years since my last waxing. First I just trimmed it myself to maintain. Then I let it go all 70s wild (along with my armpits and legs ... it was an personal experiment). You know what else happened during that time? I was having less sex. I wish this study told me how many of these women were having sex on the regular.

Sure, at that time I was shaving (or being very sexual) it was because some of that time I was pregnant, then learning how to be a new mom of twins, and the sleepless nights and the too tired to shave, cook, or get it on stuff, but the fact remained that the less sex I was having the less I cared about the bush growing in my nether-regions. Who is with me on that?

But what's exciting is that I found that when I did do some trimming, shaping, or shaving down there, I felt a bit sexier. Kind of like wearing a lacy pair of underwear under your jeans and it making you feel pretty, desirable, and more in the mood. Who is with me on that? If not, worth a try!

Therefore, I do think there is a relation (for some women) between how you maintain your hairs down below and how much sex you're having.

Do you find that to be true as well?


Image via Ruthanne Reid/ Flickr

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