Wife's Hand-Drawn Comics for Her Sick Husband Are Beautifully Romantic (PHOTOS)

When you're in a long-term relationship, and especially when you have children, it can be easy to forget that there was a time you actually enjoyed greeting your love at the door with a steak and a handmade card -- just because. We know how important it is to maintain a romantic connection, and most of us certainly appreciate it when we're handed a bouquet of flowers on a random Wednesday. 

Consider this sweet note -- more like a booklet, really -- created by one wife for her husband as a reminder that we should all break out markers and crayons once in awhile and express our love in the purest way possible. In other words, there's no need to shell out hundreds of dollars. A simple card and some adorable stick-figure cartoons were enough to bring tears to this husband and dad's eyes


The lucky man, who shared these images on Reddit, had just spend a week in the hospital with a stomach virus and returned to find this beautiful tribute that reminded him how much he was missed by his wife of five years and their two daughters. He said he wanted to share the pictures because they made him "tear up" and that he loved his wife's style so much. 

In an interview with The Stir, the cool hubby, who goes by the Reddit name Controversial_Taco, explained:

It was a big deal, to me, just to come home that Friday and have the kids give me a huge hug, the animals jumping on my legs, and to have my wife show me what she had been working on while I was away. As much as I downplayed it in the Reddit title, "just about teared up" definitely doesn't cover it. I had to leave the room by the time I got to the end, before I started bawling with a huge smile on my face. She's the best thing ever, and I'm glad that people had a chance to see that too.

Awwww! How awesome are these? 

What's the most creative thing you've ever done for your partner?


Images via Reddit

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