Man Writes Romantic Missed Connection 40 Years After His Unforgettable One-Night Stand

The Missed Connections section of Craigslist is generally a tad creepy, filled with lonely souls who get a 10-second peek at some stranger on a subway platform and become convinced that was their soulmate. But some Missed Connections are less icky than others. In fact, they really make you want the two people to connect again! Take the Grand Central Station missed connection circa 1973 ...


Forty years ago, an 18-year-old man missed his train at Grand Central on the night of Thanksgiving. But that's okay, because he ended up meeting the great love of his life. Even if he only knew her for an evening. He writes about seeing a beautiful woman "with a look of utter confusion" on her face. He somehow got the courage to approach her and ask if she was lost.

Knowing he would be sacrificing his last chance to catch a train to visit his family for the holiday, the man asked the woman if she would like to get a drink. She said yes.

The couple "walked out into a rainy Manhattan street" and found a cheap bar. Soon, they were laughing, talking, and connecting. Not too soon after, they were making love in his room. In the morning they "coached one another through shaky phone calls with angry relatives back home."

The lady soon left for New Jersey. A few weeks later, she sent the young man a letter from California, but left no return address.

The man, now a professor who has been married twice, wrote on Craigslist: "Against my better judgment, I haven't forgotten that day -- and, at least once a year, while mowing the lawn or reading the newspaper -- the details come back to me. Perhaps if life's strange circumstances permit it, we can have a second drink."

A reader saw the post and put it on Reddit, hoping that it would become viral and the lady could be found. The viral part happened but so far no word on the second drink part.

Let's hope these two clink glasses -- and other things -- soon.

Have you ever tried to contact a lost love?


Image via Alexis Fam Photography/Flickr

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