10 Things to Love About Being Single After a Divorce

Cheers to the single life!
Ok, let me get the whole “divorce sucks and no one likes it and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy” crap out of the way. Because it does suck, and given my druthers, I’d very much prefer to be happily married than single for the first time since I was 18.

But them's the breaks, and you got to make the best of what you have, right? So if I have to live without the perks of having a man around the house, I’m sure as heck going to enjoy the single life as much as I possibly can, and in a way I never did before I lived with a man for more than a decade.


Here are the top 10 things I’m loving about being single after divorce.

  1. No snoring man in my bed. It’s awesome you guys. So awesome that if I ever decide to get married again, I’m contemplating suggesting separate bedrooms.
  2. I’ve overcome my fear of killing spiders. I tried trapping them under glasses, but they didn’t magically disappear at the end of the day like they used to when I was married. Huh.
  3. When I clean something it stays clean (at least until the kids get home). Actually, the house is more often than not a bit messy (hello, single working mom life!), but the point is that they’re all MY messes.
  4. All the remotes belong to me. And all the TV control that comes with them.
  5. Decorating how I want. I just bought a purple shag rug for my family room. I’m in love.
  6. Reading “trashy” magazines without judgey looks or comments. Sometimes I just want to chill out and read about how to “eat, drink, and twerk my ass off” this Christmas. (That would be the December issue of Cosmo, for those that are interested.)
  7. I got a cat. The ex was allergic ... Her name is Oswin. She’s a cuddle bug and I love her.
  8. Routine. Sweet, sweet, predictable routine. Even when things were good in my marriage, the fact that I could never predict when he’d get home from work drove me batty.
  9. My own bedtime. Whether it’s 9 p.m. or 1 a.m., I go to bed when I’m tired these days, guilt free.
  10. Real breaks. When you’re a mom, you always kind of feel like you’re “on-call” for your kids, even when they’re at the grandparents or with a sitter. Now, when my kids are with their dad, I hang my mommy hat in the closet and enjoy the time off from parenting.

What's your least favorite thing about living with a man?


Image via Jenny Erikson

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