Couple Sets Wedding World Record With Ridiculous Number of Bridesmaids

bridal partyForget what you think you know about "big weddings." I remember being shocked when a friend told me they were having 28 people in their entire wedding party. I thought that was outrageously huge. Well, that number pales in comparison to a couple that tied the knot last week. It is the biggest wedding in history -- literally. It broke the Guinness World Record.


The Sri Lankan couple had 126 bridesmaids. That's 126 women in their wedding. There were also 25 groomsmen, 20 page boys, and 23 flower girls. It's an overwhelming image with all of those attendants standing behind the bride and groom.

I don't know whether to be impressed or appalled. If all those people were in the wedding, who the hell attended? I remember when I was planning my own wedding, my husband and I had a huge debate about how many bridesmaids and groomsmen we would have. I wanted four or five max. He wanted seven or eight. We compromised on six on each side. When it came to selecting women, I only wanted my closest friends by my side. No estranged cousins (of mine or his), no friends I no longer talk to anymore. I wanted people who loved me and who I loved dearly.

Honestly, it's amazing she found 126 women to ask to be in the wedding. I suppose when you get into numbers like that, the wedding stops being about you and more about the spectacle of it all. The wedding planner (who also happens to be the bride's new sister-in-law) came up with the idea to break the world record, which had been 96 maids. While that is a cool feat, it seems like a whole lot of trouble. But hey, it's certainly an event no one will forget.

How big was your wedding? Are you happy with the size?


Image via Shardayyy/Flickr

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