6 Totally Crazy Things Guys Will Lie to You About in Bed

When it comes to lying about sex, you tend to think that's the province of women. Whether it's claiming a headache, faking an orgasm, or fibbing about being on or not on birth control, women sure can tell some doozies in the sack. But a new survey makes women look like the honest ones. The survey, which sampled 1,200 Australians (mostly men), is so startling that I'm not sure I will EVER think about men the same way again. Crickey! For one, men seem to fake an orgasm even more than women do. According to the survey, 23 percent of men admitted faking the big O compared to only 20 percent of women. And that's not all ...


Some other shocking finds regarding men and sex:

- 25.4 percent admitted to saying "I love you" during sex and not really meaning it (only 6.1 percent of women copped to this).

- 36 percent of men have admitted to cheating on a partner -- though only 22.7 percent admitted to cheating on their current partner. You know, the one watching them fill out the survey.

- 6.25 percent of men said they'd "faked tears" during sex -- the same amount as women! (People do this? Is this an Aussie thing?)

- 52.4 percent of men said they'd "faked being in the mood" when their partner made advances and begrudgingly went along with sex -- more than women.

- 29.6 percent of men said "sex was a chore" compared to only 14.5 percent of women.

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Well, I don't think you can put too much store in surveys, HOWEVER!!! This survey's findings are crazy. It makes it sound like men really don't want sex at all. And according to the relationship counselor also quoted in the article, that seems to be true. She says many more men she counsels than women don't have a libido. 

This also gibes with a lot of what my young female friends have been telling me -- that even after only a year or so of marriage, their young husbands are petering out.

Dudes, what is up? Or, rather, what isn't up?

Maybe it's all that pressure men are under to have so much sex. Maybe it's that monogamy is expected and enforced more than ever. Maybe it's chemicals, computers, cellphones, women earning more than men, gluten, GMOs, etc. Who knows!!

Ladies, have you noticed your man doesn't want sex or do you ever feel he's faking or lying about it?


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