The Very Real Thing 1 Out of 4 Men Are Faking in Bed

So apparently guys aren’t just faking orgasms (because that’s a thing, apparently), but there’s something even more important in this girl’s book that they’re not being honest about.

A new survey says that a full 25 percent of men are lying when they say they love you while they’re in the sack with you.


So if a man is faking that he loves you, and you’re faking your orgasm, is that a half of a relationship, or do the two halves make a whole? What if you’re both faking both?

Seriously, I’m not that surprised to hear that one out of every four guys says they love you in bed without meaning it. Come to think of it, that was only one out of every four dudes that admitted it … hmmm. Because I’d be willing to bet that a heck of a lot more guys than that have done it at one point or another.

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Maybe it’s just the 25 percent that do it habitually. And really, maybe every guy could say they’ve been telling the truth about saying “I love you” while being intimate, because maybe they’re talking to the act itself.

What guy doesn’t love sex?

Have you ever faked anything in bed?

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