5 Ways to Have a Really Good 'Quickie'

couple kissing kitchen

I've never actually heard a guy complain about a quickie, but women on the other hand -- well, they can go either way. It's nice to one-and-done so you can go about your business and not take up a whole morning or evening screwing around. But it can be hard to get the most out of them, particularly if you've got post-partum lubrication issues like many moms do. So here are my tips for making them super hot again. 


Just think about all the time you'll be able to save once you master them.

1. Fluff yourself first: So preparing for a quickie is sort of counter-intuitive, but if you can spare a few minutes before you start, get yourself turned on. Grab a sex toy, watch a little porn, or send a few sexy texts. The extra jump start will really help get your engine running, and hey, might even help you finish the job in record time.

2. Wear the proper attire: If you've got big panties and a pair of pants on, a quickie is a little tough to accomplish. Toss on a skirt and some crotchless panties (Don't have any? I love the Hanky Panky version), and you're all set. You can keep all your clothes on which saves time and energy for actually doing the deed.

3. One way street: When it comes to quickies, you might not be able to both finish the job (if you get my meaning). Adjust your expectations and have a little fun -- with your hands, or your mouth. The same goes for your partner as well. A quickie doesn't necessarily have to be intercourse.

4. Pick a good location: The bed might not necessarily be the best place to get it on in a time crunch. You can always do double duty and hop in the shower together. Or find a quiet spot in your house -- closet, floor, guest room -- which is more indicative to spontaneity than getting in your bed. Plus, if you have little kids, all you'll want to do is take a nap if you get under the covers.

5. Pull out all the stops: Since you don't have a lot of time, you've got to work all of your magic. That means sexy talk, heavy breathing, lots of kissing and heavy petting. This is particularly important if you have trouble getting turned-on quickly. The more you (and your partner) can do to mix foreplay and actual play, the better it will be.

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