40 Best Tattoos That Show Husband Love

Michele Zipp | Mar 23, 2018 Love & Sex
40 Best Tattoos That Show Husband Love
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Nothing says love like getting a tattoo for the one who has our heart. It's a forever kind of thing ... unless we want a dose of painful laser tattoo removal to go with the pain from a breakup. Some feel it's a curse to get some ink to honor their beloved, but I think it's just the most romantic gesture ever. So much so that I've done it twice! Clearly I never learn. (Or I just like pain.) Seriously, though, what could possibly be more romantic?! (And/or tragic, if one must be negative.) 

I've also gotten breakup tattoos -- I guess I just like being tattooed for all my life's ups and downs. And so do other ladies. I've searched high and low and was able to round up some gals who chose some very meaningful tattoos in honor of the guy they love (or at least, used to). No regrets, right?

If people feel that their love is permanent, then why not get some permanent ink to go along with it? Of course things happen and rose glasses soon fall off our faces, but getting an awesome cover-up tattoo is always an option as well. This kind of tattoo symbolizes the end of a relationship just as much as an "I Love U" tattoo symbolizes the peak of one. See? It can be poetic. 

And so, in the name of love, here are 40 tattoos that serve as a heartfelt symbol of commitment to a husband or boyfriend (or anyone in between). In any case, these tattoos sure are romantic, even if the relationship doesn't exactly last.


  • Lock and Key Tattoos

    Lock and Key Tattoos

    James and Celeste have two awesome kids and are the kind of couple who know how to make it work even when times are tough. Now that's love! They have a heart lock and key tattoo that looks so sweet when they hold hands.

  • Treble Clef Tattoo

    Treble Clef Tattoo

    Christina got a music symbol tattooed for her love Christopher who plays piano and used to be a drummer in a band. Christopher also has this symbol on his arm in a full sleeve. They also have four kids -- including twins!

  • Name Tattoo

    Name Tattoo

    Kimberly's husband Matthew has had her name tattooed on him for 16 years, and he's added the names of their children along the way. Kimberly got this tattoo for Matthew seven years ago. They've been married for 17 years. Still going strong!

  • Love Tattoo

    Love Tattoo

    Tricia's tattoo is badass. She sent me this photo and said, "I have a tattoo for Steve. It is 'love' tattooed in my middle finger because I f-cking love him!!!" LOVE it!

  • Star Tattoo

    Star Tattoo

    Not to be a downer but this is my tattoo that both my ex and I got together on the same wrist. Two stars. I have no regrets. In fact, shortly after we got this tattoo, we got married and then later got pregnant with twins. Perhaps these twin stars had something to do with that. And being that our twins are the best things that ever happened to us, I'm proudly still sporting this tattoo.

  • Dagger Tattoo

    Dagger Tattoo

    These two are hardcore in love. A dagger with a heart with a scribbled-in-a-tree-type "J + K 4 Ever" = perfect for Jen and Kevin, who have the most incredible skull wedding rings.

  • Initials Tattoo

    Initials Tattoo

    Rob and Sasha's couple tattoo is complete when they put their arms together. It's both of their initials -- S and R -- artfully put together. How sweet is that? Clever, too.

  • Ring Finger Tattoo

    Ring Finger Tattoo

    Alexis's husband Hank's initials are HO. From her vantage point, it says OH. I love how fun this tattoo is without even trying. Lexi said shortly after she showed her love for Hank with this tattoo, he gave her a gorgeous wedding ring. They just had their first baby together and welcomed him into their now blended family of seven kids. Sweetest love!

  • Thumbprint Tattoo


    No one in the world has these tattoos that tattoo artist Bella created besides these two love birds. They used their own thumbprints to form a heart with the infinity symbol blending it together. Forever and ever.

  • Anchor Tattoo


    This gorgeous tattoo is on a tattoo artist who drew this with her husband's name -- her husband has her name tattooed on him as well, and she also did the tattooing. This was done by artist Casey Anderson and is a beautiful gesture of love and the strength of their relationship.

  • Dragon Tattoos


    These matching tattoos are still incredible when apart, but when together form a heart and an ultimate display of love.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Tattoo


    Is this the sweetest or what?! So simple. So lovely. So committed.

  • Letters Tattoo


    This couple calls it their "holding hands" tattoo and that's when the word is perfectly aligned and spelled out. When apart, it's like they carry part of the other with themselves at all times.

  • Skull Tattoos


    I love this couple tattoo -- and it's so beautifully done. The detail!

  • Script Tattoo


    Because this is tattooed in such a sexy spot, I love it even more.

  • Tiny Heart Tattoo


    This person got a tiny heart tatted onto their on their ring finger so that they can see it every time they wear their wedding band. Sweet!

  • Small Name Tattoo


    This person got their husband's name right on their ring finger to replace a generic old ring.

  • Cinderblock Tattoo


    This couple got matching cinderblock tattoos on their arms. We're not sure why, but they sure are adorable!

  • Card Tattoos


    These two were clearly inspired by the kings and queens from a deck of cards! How cute!

  • Crown Tattoo


    This couple got king and queen crowns tattooed on their arms, along with the words "one life" and "one love." 

  • Infinity Sign Tattoo


    What a simple but classic design! We love how the initials are incorporated into the infinity sign, and how the heart is a burst of color.

  • Pronoun Tattoos


    For the minimalist couple, check out these simple but beautiful "him" and "her" tattoos.

  • Red Heart Tattoo


    This person got their husband's name tattooed in script, and was able to turn the first letter into a red heart. Clever!

  • Royalty Tattoos


    This person and their husband got "His Queen" and "Her King" tattooed on their respective forearms.

  • Coordinates Tattoo


    These simple coordinate tattoos actually have a lot of meaning! They're where the owner first met her husband.

  • Semicolon Tattoos


    We're obsessed with these minimalist but sweet semicolon tattoos! 

  • Kiss Tattoo


    This woman kept it straight and to the point by having lips and the words "kiss me" tattooed behind her ear. 

  • Infinity Heart Tattoo


    Apparently, this tattoo is inspired by a necklace that the owner's husband gave her. What an adorable concept!

  • Heart Initials Tattoo


    This person kept it simple by getting an outline of a heart and her husband's initial. 

  • Hebrew Tattoo


    How adorable are these matching finger tattoos? They have the Hebrew word "Echad," which stands for the "oneness that happens when a husband and wife join together for marriage," according to the owner.

  • Black Heart Tattoo


    This woman took elements of her relationship with her husband and turned it into one unique tattoo. The blue line in the heart symbolizes law enforcement, and forget-me-nots represent faithfulness. 

  • Blue Tattoo


    This design is a heart intertwined with an infinity sign, but it's made unique by the bright blue color.

  • Bat-Signal Tattoos


    Batman and Batgirl fans will rejoice over this Bat-signal-inspired couples tattoo.

  • Feather Tattoos


    This couple got inverse yin-yang-esque feather tattoos on their arms. Beautiful! 

  • Beauty & the Beast Tattoos


    Disney fans will love these Beauty and the Beast–inspired tattoos. 

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos


    We are in love with these Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos. From the color to the heart shape, these tattoos are absolutely adorable.

  • Bird Tattoos


    This couple went for a simple and classic tattoo design: a flock of birds. But to personalize it, they added a meaningful date. 

  • Tetris Tattoos


    How fun are these Tetris-inspired tattoos? What a clever concept for a perfect match.

  • Always Tattoo


    "Always" is such an elegant word choice for a couples tattoo. 

  • Pizza Tattoo


    How funny is this pizza couples tattoo? It's humorous but still pretty cute!

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