Couple's 'Friday the 13th' Engagement Shoot Is Terrifyingly Awesome

If I can be honest, I never really understood the importance of engagement shoots. When I got married five years ago, some of my friends were sitting for traditionally beautiful portraits with their partners and since we live in NYC, most of these took place in the same exact locations -- under the Manhattan Bridge, on a beach in Coney Island, in the center of Times Square. The results were cool, but nearly identical to one another. I definitely felt I could take them or leave them. So I left them. 

But viewing photos from this Canadian couple's horror film engagement shoot totally makes me change my mind about this tradition. It's amazing, awesome, personal -- and I officially have total engagement photo regret thanks to them. 


Most of their photos are actually classically beautiful and show Vanessa Lawson and Josh Morden frolicking in a forest by Camp Crystal Lake, which -- if you recall -- is the site where hockey masked psycho killer Jason Voorhees terrorized his teen victims in all of the classic Friday the 13th films. Dressed in gingham and plaid, this couple is cute as a button -- even as they are running away from Jason, who suddenly appears in the distance with his famed machete and eventually manages to massacre both Vanessa and Josh, leaving their bloody (but still beautiful) corpses in the woods.

Feeling romantic yet?

The engagement shoot may be nontraditional, but it's complete perfection for one reason: it reflects this couple -- their personality and interests. Their first date was to see a Tim Burton film. They own a collection of horror movie posters. These two don't belong on a windy beach.

Dammit, had my husband and I thought about it, we could have had a bloody good time inventing engagement shoot scenes to play out. This California couple used the beach as a backdrop in most of their pictures, but also posed in front of Angelo's Burgers, where they walked through the drive-thru and shouted their order into the intercom. Ben and Angela use one of the least idyllic streets in Downtown Charlottesville in which to smooch and not pose, which just makes their photo look more authentic and romantic than most. 

But my favorite of favorites is this one of a couple attempting to take a row boat out for a spin and laughing their asses off as it sinks to the bottom of the lake and they get completely drenched.

Ahh, this is the stuff of dreamy engagement photos. I definitely regret not taking these now. 

Where did you take your engagement photos? Are you happy with them?


Image Via Natalie Lucier/Flickr 


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