This Public Marriage Proposal Is NOT Every Girl's Dream (VIDEO)

Not every girl wants a big, public marriage proposal. Especially one on national television. While she’s promoting her do-good, non-profit organization. On national television. Did I mention national television?

That’s what happened to Simone Jhingoor this morning on Today, as Al Roker introduced her to talk about the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, which does … well, we don’t know what they do. Before Simone got a chance to tell us, she was interrupted by the most awkward proposal ever.


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Her boyfriend Chirag Shah apparently thought it was a good idea to show up, grab the microphone from Al, and give a pretty me-centric speech before asking Simone to marry him.

Take a look:

She said yes, but does anyone else get the impression that she would've rather had the attention on her organization? When Al asked her is she had any idea, she said, "No, not at all -- I thought I was here to give back to the community."

I have a feeling that with such an egocentric fiance, Simone isn't going to have much of a chance to stand in the spotlight.

Would you have been flattered or ofended to receive a proposal like this?

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