7 Reasons Not to Have Kids at Your Wedding (VIDEO)

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For the longest time, I was convinced that inviting children to a black tie wedding held late on a weekend was a no-no. But when I started planning my own, it became clear that we'd need to extend an invite to at least a few "VIP" kids. We were having our nieces as flower girls, after all, and we also wanted them to be able to socialize with their 4-year-old cousin. We would've understood if certain close friends had to bring their toddlers, too, but they actually preferred to get babysitters, so they could relax and party. And in the end, besides the littlest VIP realizing it was past her bedtime just as the ceremony began, all went rather smoothly. In fact, some of our cutest pics are of the 4-year-olds having a blast on the dance floor!

Still, I acknowledged that having kids there was risky business! Here, seven risks any couple must accept if they're inviting kids to their wedding ...


1. This:

Okay, it is adorable and hilarious, but some couples may not be the biggest fan of their littlest guest stealing the show like that!

2. Also, this:

little girl passed out at wedding receptionThis may have occurred during the "wedding reception aftermath" for one couple, but it could also happen smack dab n the middle of dinner or dancing, depending on how late your reception is -- and what time the little ones' bedtimes are!

3. You may set yourself up to be a doormat. If you didn't want to invite kids and you let yourself get mowed over in this battle, what's the next thing you're gonna feel like you have to fold on? The kind of cake you wanted, the venue, the date?! Even if it doesn't come to that, brides may find themselves feeling resentful that they didn't have the kind of day they had imagined because they caved to pressure from their family or friends.

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4. Certain messes and distractions. Sure, adults -- especially drunk ones! -- can wreck a place just as easily. But let's be honest: Who is more prone to stick their hand in your wedding cake, or cry and scream all through your ceremony?

5. Extra effort (and expense) to prevent boredom/bad behavior. As TheKnot.com notes, "Since children have short attention spans, you may need to create diversions -- a kid-friendly DVD, a few board games, or a couple of Game Boys -- set up in a separate room."

6. Annoyed adult guests. No doubt the kids' parents think their mini-mes are adorbs, but other guests may be a bit disgruntled by having to skirt around tots on the dance floor or tweens talking their ear off about Harry Styles while they're trying to get their booze 'n' groove on.

7. Annoyed PARENTS! Your Mom and Dad Guests who may have originally thought it was a good idea to bring Junior to the party could quickly realize they spent X to dress up and get there, and yet, aren't enjoying the pricey food or entertainment. In fact, they really coulda used a night out alone together ... and shoulda called a babysitter after all.

What do you think is the best argument for refusing to invite kids to a wedding?

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