5 Halloween Costumes That Do Double Duty in the Bedroom

Halloween costumes for role playingIf you're not into role-playing in the bedroom, Halloween is the perfect time to give it a try. You've got a slew of awesome, affordable costumes right at your fingertips that you can wear out trick-or-treating with your kids, then sex them up for some fun in the bedroom.

Here are my top picks for best role-playing Halloween costumes for adults (and a few scenarios to try out).



1. Playing Doctor: You'll find no shortage of sexy nurse costumes, most of which might be a little racy for your kid's Halloween party, however in the bedroom, they can work a whole lot of magic. Pop some thigh highs on, add some crotch-less panties, and then give your sick patient the special treatment he needs to get better.

2. You're Under Arrest: Maybe this is the year daddy needs to dress up as a police officer... for Halloween and in the bedroom. Who can resist a man in uniform? Instead of the stick, hook him up with a vibrator. And make sure the handcuffs are toys just in case you have a penchant for losing keys.

3. Mile High Club: He's the pilot (or wayward passenger), you're the flight attendant, off on an exotic trip somewhere, except you just can't wait until your final destination. Little does he know there's more than cookies, peanuts, or pretzels on this menu. Cram yourself in a closet for a more realistic (but possibly cleaner and more sanitary) airplane bathroom experience.

4. Special Delivery: Who doesn't want to bork the hot delivery guy? No need to purchase a special costume for this one. Just grab some brown shorts and a brown shirt, pack a vibrator in a box, and have at it.

5. Deep Cleaning: It's true that the French Maid Costume might be a little cliche' but it's definitely hot. You might need to find something a little more tame if you plan to wear it outside the bedroom. But this little costume will get a big response over and over again.

What's your favorite role play scenario?


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