New Dating Site Offers Women Cash Rewards for Going Out With Men (VIDEO)

We all know that the best relationships are built on trust, love, laughter, and a certain amount of give and take. You know: I'll make dinner tonight and you do the dishes. I'll watch the baby Friday night so you can go out with friends and you'll handle things on Saturday so I can enjoy a Bloody Mary brunch-a-thon with the girls. You pay for my boob job and I'll let you have that open relationship you've always wanted

Wait a second...

Yep, that last romantic promise can become a reality if you're open to using a new dating app called Carrot Dating -- as in dangle-a-carrot-in-front-of-her-and-see-what-she'd-be-willing-to-do. 


The idea for Carrot Dating came to creator Brandon Wade from -- wait for it -- his mom. Yes, according to mama, all women want gifts and we will do anything -- anything -- to possess shiny things and fur coats and new plastic body parts and, hell, even a gratis tank of gas because times are rough, aren't they? 

Here's how the app works: women (or men) sign up and search through profiles for potential partners. When they find someone they think is attractive -- or filthy rich, I guess? -- they then choose a gift offer from this partner. Gifts can range from skydiving trips to plastic surgery to, yes, an actual paid tank of gas. Hopefuls then wait to see if they've score a date with their moneyed prince charming.

Although there's nothing written in the rules about this, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there's an unspoken rule that the woman then graciously rewards the man for his generosity. Here's hoping the tank of gas winner realizes she can call it even after she buys him two beers. 

So yes, it's a pathetic, sad way to find love or sex or both. But I can't help making my own mental list of bribes I would so love to see -- offers that would actually be helpful and make me consider selling my soul.

Pay off my grad school loan in full. 

Potty train my toddler in one weekend.

Gift my husband and me with two tickets to Paris and then offer to babysit for five days (bonus: you are a Waldorf trained teacher who runs a daycare on the side).

Come to my house and teach me how to cook using Middle Eastern spices, then serve us dinner and wash all dishes. 

Men on these sites really need to get more creative. 

What do you think of Carrot Dating? What would your dream bribe be? 


Image Via DanaK-WaterPenny/Flickr


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