5 of the Most Unsexy Things Moms Do Every Day

5 unsexy things moms do that are complete turnoffsBased on the crazy things I see so many moms doing these days, I'm pretty sure they just don't care about sex. Hey, we're all busy with our kids and jobs and lives, but really? You have no interest in sex at all?

If you're wondering why he might not be so interested in bending you over the bed anymore, you should read on. Remedy these five things and you'll be on your way to better sex. And hey, maybe a better relationship with your spouse.


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Unflattering clothes have to go: You don't need to be well off to dress well. In fact, I'm pretty sure anything in Target will be better than some of the scary things I see moms wearing. And let me just say that you don't necessarily have to walk around in a short skirt and tight shirt. In fact, some of you: Just don't. Mostly, just wear clothes that fit well and have some style.

Stop nagging. Like yesterday: If you haven't figured it out yet, nagging your spouse or partner is a total turn off. And sure, so is his disinterest or lack of support. But hey, instead of nagging, figure out another way to get his attention. Or better, talk about it like adult humans so that you're not treating him like another kid. Who needs another kid?

Put the phone down: When you've always got your smartphone in your hand, flipping through Facebook or liking everyone's photos on Instagram, you're disengaging from your partner. I'm all for technology but there's a point where you need to figure out a way to balance that a bit better so your head isn't always down in a screen, worrying about someone else's business and not your own. 

Self care much?: I'm the first to admit that I used to be terrible at taking care of myself. No make-up. No hair style. Just running out of the house with whatever I could grab from my drawers. Talk about unsexy. It really only takes a few minutes to put some make-up on and do your hair. Or at least, put it in a stylish pony tail.

You are beautiful, no matter what they say: I cannot tell you how many women I know talk so terribly about themselves and their bodies. Just stop it right now. The lack of confidence and continued self deprecation actually ends up being a total turnoff. Who cares if you still have the baby weight and your baby is 5? Wear it proudly.

What are some things moms do that are complete turn offs?


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