5 Ways to Have a 'Big Finish' Every Time in Bed

That's ri5 ways to ensure you have an orgasm every timeght, Ah yes, the elusive female orgasm that puzzles the masses. Or wait, maybe not. I've got good news, ladies. It doesn't have to be that challenging to have an orgasm. I promise.

Here are 5 tried and true ways to ensure you have an orgasm every single time. Other than giving it to yourself after it's over. The best part, no fancy equipment or special skills required. Just a little extra preparation and creativity.


1. Watch something sexy before you start: Whether you watch a little porn with your partner or on your own, or hey, even your favorite sex scene from your favorite movie, this will really help to get your engines going, which in turn will increase the likelihood of an orgasm. And hey, you can always watch it together, which can be extra titillating for both of you.

2. Warm yourself up: Be your own fluffer and get yourself going before you start. Whether it's with your hand or a toy, get yourself a little head start. This not only helps with the lubrication department but will also help in making whatever else happens next much more effective.

3. Pique all your senses: Too often, you're only using your sense of touch during sex when really, you need to get everything going. Try candles and aromatherapy, add in some sexy music, and then top things off with a little food or flavored lube. The more sense the better.

4. Talk dirty. Or just talk: Every person has a different taste for dirty talk. Some people love nasty, naughty commands while other people want sweet, loving words. Whether it's hearing your own partner screm in ecstasy or listening to him tell you how much he loves you, the right words can go a really long way.

5. Lose your inhibitions: If you want to have an orgasm every time, leave any embarrassment or awkwardness at the door. Ditch it now. Once you can feel free and let yourself go, you'll have a much easier time having an orgasm.

What's your secret to having consistent orgasms?


Image via That Video Guy/Flickr

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