Stylist's Sexy Haircut Secret Promises to Up Your Game in the Bedroom

woman getting a haircutNYC hairdresser Mischa G must have an awesome publicist, because suddenly she's getting written up as the stylist who can not only shear your hair into a new look you'll love but it'll also be one that gets you laid. Yep, the 30-year-old Bumble and Bumble stylist is the mastermind behind the $150 "Get Laid Haircut," which unlike other trendy cuts with buzzy names actually varies from person to person ...

She even has the results to back up her claim! Mischa was recently texted by a Hunter College student who said the haircut she gave him "got him a threesome!" And matchmakers even send their clients Mischa's way before going out on big dates, encouraging that they shell out for a full cut and blow dry, because, as matchmaker Amy Van Doren says "crazy things seem to happen to people after they’ve seen Mischa."


Okay, I totally buy that the woman is an "amazing talent" who knows how to do a cut that flatters the shape of your face and bone structure, but is it really the haircut doing the trick in bed?

Pfft, of course not! Even Mischa admits, it's more about the confidence her clients derive from their new style. She explained to the NY Post:

I get a lot of my inspiration from a bunch of drag queens who were my clients upstate. They aren’t necessarily the most confident people in the world, but they learn how to build up their confidence by altering their appearance. I’m a firm believer in the theory: ‘fake it until you make it’ — look and behave like you are fabulous and, after a while, you will be.

Aww, so true! There's really nothing hotter than healthy self-confidence. By healthy I mean, that perfect balance between terribly insecure and megalomaniac -- the two extremes that have a scary way of rearing their ugly heads when you're dating. And getting an amazing haircut in itself can be enough to have you feeling like you're on top of the world and are about to go on the hottest date ever or, if you're attached, wanna do dirty and fun things to your partner. Add to that the idea Mischa's floating here, that you're actually getting "The Get Laid Haircut," and whoo boy! I can definitely understand why people are floating on air, having "crazy things" happening to them once they walk out of her salon.

Still, I feel like you don't necessarily have to have Mischa work her magic on you to cop that confidence boost. What she's doing is simply a fab lesson in how doing whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself and exude that comfort in your skin is sure to eventually translate to a sexy time.

Have you ever had something like "The Get Laid Haircut" boost your confidence and in turn your sex life?

Image via © Patrick Lane/Somos Images/Corbis

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