Woman Sprints to Hug Air Force Fiance After Surprise of a Lifetime (VIDEO)

Military surprise proposalWhen it happens, there's nothing that means more in the world to a military wife or girlfriend when they get to see their soldier for the first time in months after a long deployment. Imagine kicking up that overwhelmed with love feeling, though, and having that moment combined with a dream proposal. Well, that's what happened for one lucky military girlfriend named Celi whose boyfriend, Eddie Ludsko, a member of the U.S. Air Force, surprised her at a Kansas City Royals baseball game.

Selected to go on stage for one of those run-of-the-mill contests, Celi was surprised when the announcer told her to watch a special video message on the screen. In the message, her boyfriend apologizes for not being able to be there, but he proposes to her anyway. Awesome, for sure. But just wait until you see what happens after the video plays on the big screen that'll make you choke up:


I love this. I love this because she runs to him and she's so overjoyed just to see him after the past year that I feel like she's unfazed by the proposal. As he puts the ring on her finger, all she wants is to hug him, to hold him after being away so, so long.

Lady, I think we can all relate. When you miss someone, it feels amazing to hold them in your arms after too long apart from one another. Congrats you two!

What do you think of her reaction?


Image via SoliderSURPRISE/YouTube

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