Single Woman Throws Herself a Wedding & Ends Up With a Groom

Mary-Anne was freaked out about turning 30 without a ring on her finger, so in order to accept her single-status and embrace her independence, she decided to throw herself a fake wedding. Well, a real wedding, but with a fake marriage, as she was marrying herself!

According to her wedding planner Sarah McCawley, Mary-Anne rented out a five-star venue in Melbourne and invited about 100 guests. She said, "She had the dress and the veil. All of the guests brought gifts. She had the big cake but on the cake she just had a bride figurine. It was everything except the actual ceremony."


Described as “bubbly,” the bride entered the scene on a horse-drawn carriage, proudly sat at the head table, and even had photos done with her bridal party. She knew it sounded crazy, but she thought it was a great theme for a 30th birthday party. Her friends and family were totally supportive and got into it right alongside her. McCawley said, “It was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever done.”

The invitations were adorable, proclaiming that even though her “knight in shining armor hadn’t arrived,” she was going to have a wedding anyway.

The event itself was fantastic, but what happened next is even sweeter. A coworker and guest at the party had had a crush on Mary-Anne for years, but didn’t know she even thought about marriage and settling down.

When it was time for the bridal waltz, he came clonking in wearing a full suit of armor and got down on his knee in front of her. He pulled back the visor and said, “I’ve loved you forever. Would you consider going out with me?”

She must’ve said yes, because the couple got married exactly one year later.

So sweet! I admit that the whole throwing a wedding for yourself thing sounded odd at first, but it sounds like it was just a perfect celebration of life as it is and expression of self-confidence. Plus she found her knight after all.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Would you ever throw a wedding for yourself?

Image via Marnie Burkhart/Corbis

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