22 Things That Really Drive Women Wild

shadow manThe other day my friend Elle posted on her Facebook page: "Oh you have an accent? Let's make out." This is clearly one of the things that just makes her melt. I bet many of you can relate -- men with accents are really sexy. It got me thinking about what women love. So I took this question to a bunch of lady friends to find out more -- what is it about men that turns them on? In strangers ... what is it that makes a woman perk up and say, Oh, I want to get to know you better. 

One of my friends, Joye, said she loves "a man who knows how to flirt in a really clever naughty hot way without being a lecherous low-grade twatclown about it." Yeah, no one likes a twatclown. And another friend who shall remain anonymous said a wedding ring turns her on. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that he's taken ... she wants what she can't have. Naughty ladies! Let's see what other things about a man drive women wild.

  1. An accent.
  2. A deep voice.
  3. Strong hands.
  4. Strong thighs.
  5. Wide shoulders.
  6. A goatee.
  7. Bald heads.
  8. Neck tattoos.
  9. Tattoos of any kind.
  10. Men who give tight hugs.
  11. Intense eye contact.
  12. A man on a motorcycle.
  13. A crooked smile.
  14. Muscular arms.
  15. Bigness.
  16. A man who looks strong enough to be able to hold me up when we do naughty things.
  17. Two days' worth of unshaven face.
  18. Messy hair.
  19. Salt and pepper hair.
  20. The way a man smells. Never overbearing cologne, but his natural scent.
  21. Scars.
  22. A mix of masculinity with femininity.

How many of the things on this list drive you wild? Have any others to add?

Image via Walt Stoneburner/Flickr

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