This Epic, Over-the-Top Marriage Proposal Puts All the Others to Shame (VIDEO)

Outrageous marriage proposals are this year's kale -- there's no escaping them. It seems like every time we peruse Twitter or Facebook, there's another link to another insanely over-the-top proposal, caught on video, of course. It's at the point where I'm starting to feel deliriously glad I'm already married and not expecting a proposal from my boyfriend that involves singing waiters or my dog joining in on the fun

If you've become a little jaded, too, I caution you to hold on to your hat because Justin's proposal to Emily is like nothing anyone on planet Earth has ever witnessed before. 


First, adorable and nervous Justin calls and reminds Emily that she must get to a certain restaurant right away because it has opened up on an off-night just for them, which is very unusual. Little does she know that he has set up hidden cameras all over the candlelit dining room to capture her reaction. When Emily shows up, she discovers her boyfriend isn't actually there -- but that he has instead beamed himself in via video. Within five seconds, Justin reveals that the purpose of their date is so he can propose -- so that cat is out of the bag. 

But in no way does the surprise end there. 

Emily -- and the thousands or millions who will view this video -- then take a looong trip with Justin to a radio station where he delivers a mock interview about Emily, followed by a damn impressive recreation of an 'N Sync music video that must have cost a million dollars to make. The vid moves on to catch a flash mob of dancers Justin has hired for the occasion, followed by a beautiful montage of photos and video of the couple throughout the years. Finally -- finally! -- Justin becomes the star in a fake movie coming attraction in which he plays a man desperately trying to get to his girlfriend in order to propose.

Would you do it already, Justin?!

At last, he pops out of the video and into the restaurant and proposes. He says some incredibly beautiful things to Emily about how she has changed his life. And every word of it is spoken in front of their family members. Personally, I would have died from embarrassment, but Emily looks like she is about to explode from happiness -- so Justin clearly knew this proposal would be memorable for his bride-to-be.

Even though this proposal exhausts me and makes me yearn for a time when proposals were more private, it is clearly thoughtful and Justin and Emily seem crazy in love -- so more power to them. But can we now call for a moratorium on complex marriage proposals? Please? 

What do you think of Justin's marriage proposal? 


Image via YouTube

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