Kim's Engagement Ring from Kris Humphries Brings in a Shocking Sum of Money at Auction

Kris Humphries didn’t do too badly today at auction with ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring. Last month we reported that Humphries would be auctioning off the ginormous bauble, but our guess was that it wouldn’t top out at more that half a mil.

It brought in $620,000, after the bidding opened at $200,000. Initial reports suggested a value of $2 million for the Lorraine Schwartz ring with a diamond so big it covered Kim’s knuckle, but a source says that it was never worth that much.


“The ring is definitely not worth $2 million, not even half that,” sniffed the source, who is supposedly close to Kim. They’d know, since it was Kim, not Kris, that bought the thing to begin with.

After Christie’s markup, the total cost for the behemoth comes in at $749,000, with a portion of sales going to charity. I’m assuming they’re not talking about Kris Humphries.

Anyway, that’s quite a bit to spend on an infamous ring, isn’t it? Maybe the buyer is planning to use it as an anchor on their zillion-dollar yacht. Stranger things have happened where Kardashians are involved. Remember Scott Disick and his $100 bill toilet paper? Yeah.

Why do you think the buyer paid this much?

Image via Danny Moloshock/Corbis

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