Haunted House Proposal Gives Woman Shock of Her Life

haunted house proposalGetting engaged is going to be a memorable moment no matter where it happens. But when a guy goes all out and does something really different when he pops the question ... well, that's something everyone is going to remember.

Nick Showman is a guy who really wanted to surprise his (hopefully) future bride Stephanie Hill with a diamond ring. He had a plan. It involved zombies and a haunted house and participation by others. So he took her to Zombieland in Phoenix, Arizona, to propose and give her the shock of her life. She screamed! But did she say yes?


Showman being the "showman" that he is (har har) tipped off a TV crew to his plan and they came and filmed the whole thing. Everyone working there was in on it. They fibbed to Stephanie and said it was National Haunted House Day and interviewed her before they went into Zombieland. Stephanie told them she hoped there weren't any clowns in there. Apparently she hates them. But zombies are a-ok! Phew. 

While on a bridge in the haunted house, Nick pretended to stumble. No doubt Stephanie was thinking, OMG NICK FELL! WHAT IN THE HECK IS GOING ON?! THESE ZOMBIES ARE TOTALLY GOING TO FREAK ME OUT RIGHT NOW! Which is sort of accurate. She told the news crew after, "He just sort of stopped, and I'm like, 'What are you doing? There are zombies! Let's go.'" But then she saw the undead romantic get on one knee just as a zombie arm lowered from the ceiling with a gorgeous sparkler on it just for her. You know what he said next, right? "Will you take my hand in marriage?" (*knee slap*)

Shocked! Stephanie replied, "Yes, yes" and all the zombies cheered and then went back to zombie-ing and chased them out.

You guys! This is so adorable! Steph loved it, too. She said Nick is the best. "Best way to ever, ever do it. I love that." Who wants to bet there's going to be an October 2014 wedding with some kind of Halloween theme? No clowns, of course.

What do you think of this proposal? 


Image via OKCFox

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