Dying Man Makes Incredible Trip Down the Aisle to Give His Daughter Away

It’s probably more likely for the father of the bride to show up at the ceremony in a limo than in an ambulance, but in some cases an ambulance might be the most wonderful chariot. Such is the case for a dying Ohio man, who arrived at his daughter’s wedding via one, and “walked” her down the aisle on a gurney.

Scott Nagy, who was diagnosed with terminal urethral cancer last year, made a promise last March to walk his daughter Sarah down the aisle at her wedding. Thanks to the support and kindness of family, friends, and a dedicated team of medical professionals, he did it. “She’s my princess,” he said. “This is my definition of walking down the aisle.”


Sarah’s wedding with groom Angelo Salvatore was originally scheduled for next year, but the couple moved it up in the hope that Scott could make it. He had a tracheal tube and monitor cords under his tux, but he made it down the aisle, giving a grandson a kiss and a thumb’s up to the wedding party.

His wife said, “There was no way he was not going to finish this out.”

A nurse practitioner with the hospital Scott’s been at since August helped make the arrangements. She did daily therapy with him to build up his strength and checked out the logistics. Physicians Medical Transport donated the ambulance ride, and doctors and other health care professionals volunteered to accompany and monitor him.

It was a dream come true for Sarah, who has wanted her father to walk her down the aisle since childhood. She burst into tears and told her dad she loved him. He said, “We did it,” and reminded her not to streak her makeup, because clearly he’s an amazing dad.

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Image via Ocean/Corbis

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