How Many Women Feel About Their Marriage Proposal Is a Major Bummer

marriage proposalIn a time when it seems like many guys feel pressured to not only pop the question in a sentimental and memorable but also viral, EPIC way, more women are none too thrilled with the way their marriage proposal ended up going down ...

A survey of 2,000 adults found that a third were secretly disappointed by how their partner proposed. The majority were let down with the location of their proposal, while 26 percent would have liked more romance. A quarter would have liked it to have been more of a surprise, and 17 percent wish it had been more personal. Ouch. Sounds like a whole lotta discontent!


Being that the poll was done by a U.K. bespoke jewelry design service called Hot Pink, this is obviously not the most concrete data, but it also isn't all that hard to believe. The idea that we're supposed to have some sort of highly-choregraphed, pre-planned, extraordinary, movie-caliber proposal has reached a fever pitch, no thanks to all the proposals that seemingly fit that description making rounds on the web. 

Another thing fueling this epidemic is the feeling that we should all have A Perfect Story to tell our family and friends. The minute you're engaged, everyone wants you to re-tell said Story, and ooh, if there's a video of the Big Moment itself, even better! But come on -- that's all for someone else's benefit. The only people The Story really has to matter to is the couple getting married!

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So when we talk about "proposal fails," maybe we need to remember that the problem probably isn't that guys are screwing up right and left ... Instead, I'd guess many of our expectations are seriously out of whack. And we're forgetting what a marriage proposal is really supposed to be about anyway: A question and answer that serves to take your relationship to the next level. Not the inspiration for Hollywood's next blockbuster romantic comedy.

What do you make of this poll's findings? Were you disappointed by your proposal?

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