Couple Together for 63 Years Dies Within Hours Each Other

holding handsEdith Dunn, quite literally, couldn't live without her husband of 63 years, Jerry. On Thursday, Jerry passed away in his sleep, and a few hours later, Edith followed. Jerry had suffered a fall on Tuesday, but before he went to bed on Wednesday night, he still tidied up the house and took the trash out for the widow next-door. Then, at some point during the early morning, he died peacefully while he was sleeping. Edith, who was suffering from dementia and diabetes, reportedly seemed agitated before her own passing, like something was wrong. Then, a short while after Jerry left her, she left her children behind to join the love of her life.


The couple's son told Desert News: "Everyone thought Mom would be first to die, but I knew Dad would go first because he wouldn't want her to be afraid. Dad always put everybody else first, but Mom was his top priority." And their daughter added: "They couldn't be separated. They had such a commitment to each other." Jerry apparently promised to never put Edith in a nursing home, so the two stayed in the home they raised their family in until they were ready to go.

In a world where it seems like divorce and infidelity are far too common these days, it's so beautiful to hear a story about how much joy and happiness a marriage can bring two people. Jerry and Edith were committed to each other, right to the very end. It would have been easy for Jerry to put his wife in a home toward the end -- he apparently had begun having a difficult time caring for her in their last months. But he didn't. Because that's not where she wanted to be, and because he promised her otherwise. That's what a commitment is in every sense of the word.

RIP, Jerry and Edith. Sounds like you were one of the greats. And here's to hoping that we all can take a page out of their book.

What do you think of this? Do you always hold up your promises to your partner?


Image via The Photo Commune/Corbis Images

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