Even Hottie Scarlett Johansson Admits to 'Jealousy' in Her New Relationship

It's the biggest contradiction imaginable: actress Scarlett Johansson wins Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive title for the second time in seven years, yet chats away in her interview about how she's finally turning into a jealous lover, thanks to her French boyfriend Romain Dauriac.

In a way, it's a refreshing thing to read because we sometimes assume women like the 28-year-old Don Jon star have it made in the shade and never feel anything less than confident and secure. But something's wrong with this picture. Is Scarlett confusing envy with passion and a more intense love, or do those emotions just naturally come with a dose of jealousy on the side? 


Scarlett reveals that she never considered herself a jealous person, but that she now realizes the problem was (cover your ears, Ryan Reynolds) that she wasn't as invested in past relationships and didn't care enough to feel envy. Things are different with Romain -- to whom she is reportedly engaged. The passion is alive and well and Scarlett says that, no matter how irrational it sounds, a little jealousy is needed.

I hate the fact that I agree with her, but I have to admit she's making sense to me. Prior to getting married, I had my share of passionless relationships with really nice guys who were too easily accessible. And that's just a big bore. I felt overconfident in those times, like there was nothing I could do short of burning the guy's house down to get dumped. There's no way on earth a relationship in which two people's feelings about one another are that unbalanced can or should work. 

But when there's a tinge of jealousy -- which I felt right away with my husband -- there's passion. Not necessarily love, but definitely a humbling feeling that knocks you off your pedestal and brings you down to earth, where the beginning of a relationship you really want to be in is one hell of a scary, insecure place. The hope is that the other person gets knocked off their pedestal as well.

Oh, and that both partners get it together within a few months so they can properly love each other and feel secure without all the BS passionate jealousy getting in the way. 

So here's hoping that Scarlett's jealousy is the cute kind and not the let's-throw-plates-at-the-wall-all-night-because-you-looked-at-another-woman kind. 

Do you think it's important to feel a little jealousy in your relationship?


Image aia Pablo Vazquez/Flickr

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