10 Things Guys Say When They Want to Be More Than Just Friends

coupleLet's face it, ladies, sometimes guys are just impossible to read. That is especially true when we are trying to figure out if he's just friend material or something more. And when they are interested, their subtle hints can go right over our heads. Take Josh Hutcherson for instance. He has admitted having the hots for his Hunger Games: Catching Fire co-star Jennifer Lawrence, but his random, semi-affectionate comments were probably lost on her. So here's how to tell if a guy actually wants to be more than just friends.

  1. You really get me. Even guys want someone who seems to truly understand them. That's not always easy to find.
  2. I loved that dress you wore yesterday. Men don't pay attention to our fashion sense unless it really makes an impact. The fact that he is still thinking about it is a sign he can't get you out of his mind.
  3. Another girl would have been upset and totally overreacted to that. The fact that you can take a joke -- even a crass, totally inappropriate one -- is clearly not lost on him. He loves the fact you have a good sense of humor. 
  4. I wish my girlfriend were more like you. Can't get any clearer than that. That's the green light to make a move once he is single. 
  5. He locks eyes with you. So this isn't actually something he says but sometimes a look says more than actual words. If he holds your gaze when you talk to him, then he likes you. Really likes you.
  6. He happily chats with your most annoying friend. He wouldn't do this unless he were trying to impress you.
  7. He's overly concerned when you are not feeling well. Simply asking, "Are you feeling better?" doesn't mean much. But if he wants all the details of your malady and offers to help in any way he can, then he's totally into you.
  8. He pokes fun at you. Just like on the playground when you were 7 years old, when a guy likes you, he will often tease you.
  9. He loves debating you. Your opposing political view could be firing up more than his debate skills. 
  10. He asks you how your day was and actually listens to the answer. Sometimes the smallest things count!

What are other things guys say to subtly show they are interested?

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