Is Your Spouse Cheating? Here’s the 1 Thing You Need to Find Out

When it comes to sussing out whether your partner is cheating, there are all sorts of methods. Breaking into emails. GPS devices. Private investigators. But, hey, did you know that there's apparently something a LOT more simple that could unequivocally let you know if your honey is stepping out on you? Dang, why didn't I think of this before? It makes so much sense. A study has concluded that people's voices change depending on who they're talking to. So your voice is totally different when you're talking to your spouse versus your children or your boss. Or your luvah. Yeah, people have a "cheating voice."


The Albright College study concluded that people's tones are more "sexy," "pleasant," and "reflecting greater romantic interest" when chatting with a luvah than when they're speaking to their friends or family. I mean, duh, right?! And men speak in a higher pitch when talking to women. Women apparently lower their pitch when talking to men. Said head study researcher Susan Hughes:

It’s not just that we change the sound of our voice, but that others can easily perceive those changes.

Researchers also concluded that people spoke differently to those with whom they were romantically involved, and that those modulations in the voice could be used to detect when someone was talking to a person they were cheating with.

Additionally, those who were involved with new lovers had tones that reflected "stress, nervousness, and lack of confidence" -- possibly for fear of being rejected.

So there you have it. If your husband is on the phone with someone and sounds sexy, pleasant, stressed, and nervous -- he's cheating! Or, you know, not. Make sure you get some concrete evidence before accusing your spouse of anything.

I read a book awhile ago about a woman who found out her husband was having an affair with a woman he was working with -- because the tone of her voice on their voicemail, even though she was discussing work, was so flirty.

The problem is, who the hell talks on the phone anymore?! And shared answering machine messages have also gone by the wayside.

So good luck hearing your partner actually talking to his or her lover. Maybe buy him a rotary phone for his birthday? Or hand him a script and ask him to read it out to every single female he knows?

Or just break into his email like normal people!

Have you ever caught anyone cheating by the sound of their voice?

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