Brooke Shields Is Still Bitter About Her First Marriage 14 Years Later -- Ouch!

While Co-hosting The Today Show on Thursday morning, Brooke Shields made a comment about her divorce from Andre Agassi during a segment with celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser.

"I am divorced," she said. "And mine was fairly quick, and relatively easy, but it’s a very interesting thing because he did say to me 'Be happy that we don’t have children or I would not have made this easy for you.' And therein lies why I’m not there anymore."


The couple split up 14 years ago after only 23 months of marriage. At the time, they issued a joint statement saying they had “the utmost love and respect for one another.”

Which was apparently total bullcrap, because Agassi’s 2009 autobiography was less than kind to his ex-wife, and now this zinger from Brooke.

It just goes to show that divorce is something you never completely get over. One of the consistent things I hear from people that have been through this before is that you carry that other person around forever in your soul, for better or worse.

It makes sense. This is someone that you loved enough to marry -- to promise to love forever. And then … you didn’t. No one wants to be the failure, to have to look at themselves and really ask, “Is this my fault?” Nope, it’s easier to blame the other person.

I know I’m guilty of thinking that. And watching this exchange with Brooke has taught me a valuable lesson today that I hope I hold onto: Try every day to forgive him, forgive myself, and don’t let the bitterness fester. Because in the scheme of things? I don’t think anyone really cares why we split anyway. Talking smack isn't going to fix anything.

Do you ever catch yourself speaking poorly of an ex?


Image via Joella Marano/Flickr


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