100 Things Men Absolutely NEVER Want to Hear From Their Women (VIDEO)

100 things guys never want to hearI say the worst things to the guy I'm dating. No, not dirty things. Get your mind out of the gutter. What I mean is, since I'm comfortable around him, I don't really censor things from my stream of consciousness before the words leave my lips. Ninety-nine percent of the time when I mention something pointless like "I feel super bloated" or "Your face looks chubbier with a beard on it," I immediately get this feeling of ugh, which is prompted by the look of confusion on his face.

Which is exactly why this new viral video, "Top 100: Things Guys Never Want to Hear," cracks me up beyond belief. Sometimes it's not until someone else says the things you and your girlfriends complain about that you realize HOW silly they all really are.

With awkward confessions like "I'm still really close with my ex," "This sort of looks like herpes," and "I went through your Facebook messages," this hilarious take on the things women tell their men will have you on the floor laughing. Watch it, here:


What do you think, funny or just ridiculous?


Image via ScooterMagruder/YouTube

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