Exes Who Get Revenge in This Disgusting Way Could Be Sent to Prison

Remember when you used to get revenge on your ex by slashing his tires or calling and hanging up on her? Stuff like that? Well, those days have given way to these free-for-all Interwebs days of revenge blogs, revenge viral videos, and worst of all, revenge porn! Revenge porn is when nude photos or even sexual videos you made with someone you trusted -- and presumably were married to or dating -- suddenly gets plastered on some website set up specifically for the purpose of posting revenge porn. Yeah, apparently there are a lot of sad people out there who not only want to hurt the person they used to love this way, but who want to SEE someone hurting the one they love this way. But now there's something that hopefully will put a big dent in this kind of twisted, childish behavior. The law!


Revenge porn is now illegal. At least in California. (California has also signed into law a bill that says minors can permanently delete their social media ravings.)

In that state, it is now a misdemeanor to post naked pictures of someone else online without permission with the intent of causing emotional distress or humiliation. The ex (or anyone) who does this can face up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Before this, victims could sue, but that's something that costs time and money. This way, the cops can handle them!

Of course, you'd have to be able to prove who uploaded the photos, something that may not always be easy to do and could take up just as much time as a lawsuit. And there's little chance first time offenders would spend much time in jail. Which leaves a possible $1,000 fine -- something a lot of perps would probably consider a fair price for humiliating their ex.

Every state should get behind the idea of this law, however. One, Florida, skuttled a similar law of First Amendment considerations. And Missouri rejected one because of free speech rights.

Seriously? How do you have the "right" to post naked pics of anyone? Baffling.

It's easy to say to never let anyone take a naked pic of you -- or to never, ever take one of yourself and share it -- but it's difficult to imagine taking a shower one morning and your honey lovingly says, "Oh, you look beautiful, let me snap a pic," and you're all, "F you!!" Most of us would be flattered. As for videos? Well, not my thing, but a lot of people are into it. Not to mention that someone can videotape you without your knowledge.

Solution? Never EVER let your face be shown in naked pics. And check to make sure. Then at least you've got plausible deniability.

Have you ever been the victim of revenge porn?

Image via Mike Traboe/Flickr

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