Groom Uses Pinterest to Secretly Plan His Bride's Dream Wedding

About a year ago, Ryan Leak, 27, overheard his girlfriend confess to a friend that her secret dream was to get engaged and get married all at once. Of course, 25-year-old Amanda Roman also had a lot of other dreams for her wedding, as evidenced by the over 220 pins on her ‘Dream Wedding’ pin board on Pinterest.

Those two things don’t usually reconcile -- you either elope or you spend a lot of time planning the wedding in between the engagement and the marriage. Thanks to Ryan, who has always dreamed of an extravagant wedding, Amanda got to have her wedding cake and eat it too.


Ryan spent over a year planning Amanda’s dream wedding -- in secret! He used her Pinterest board to pick out everything he knew she’d loved -- from the flowers to her dress to the decorations. He even flew her favorite hairstylist to Miami so she could have her hair exactly the way she wanted it.

For over a year I had to arrange to take calls in private and was forced to put locks on my phone just in case she saw anything .... We had around 100 guests and apparently over 1000 people knew what I was planning so it’s pretty amazing she didn’t find out.

That is amazing! Thankfully he was pretty confident she’d say yes, because otherwise -- awwwwwkward!

Ryan flew Amanda to Miami the day before June 7 under the pretense of helping some friends move. June 7 happens to be five years to the day that the couple met. The morning of the wedding, he took her to the venue and proposed. She happily said yes, and then he took her to a lounge where their friends and family were waiting with a sign that said, “Today?”

Amanda said she felt overwhelmed by love, and the day was better than anything she could have realistically imagined. "... I never thought that I would be able to pull off some of the things I saw on Pinterest, but Ryan is a risk taker and he didn’t settle for my watered down version of my ‘dream wedding’ -- he went for the gusto."

As if this groom weren’t sweet enough, here’s some icing on the cake -- instead of asking for traditional wedding gifts, he asked guests to contribute to A21, a charity that fights sex trafficking around the world.

Would you trust your groom to plan your dream wedding in secret?

Image via PeterJBellis/Flickr

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