Dating Only Attractive People Is Something Only Ugly People Do

When it comes to dating, wouldn't you just love to be able to filter out the cheaters, the jerks, the cheapskates, and the liars? Sign me up! But, hey, that doesn't exist. But what DOES exist is that you can filter out the fat people, thin people, "jacked" people, and unattractive people! Oh joy! OKCupid, one of the largest dating sites on the Internet, offers premium subscribers the chance to filter out people based on their body type and attractiveness ratings. So if not enough people don't rate you 5 or 4 stars, you are definitely not going to show up in the matches of that 5-star Ryan Gosling-lookalike who is only seeking his Eva Mendes carbon copy. Sorry, everyone. And I do mean everyone! (Except, you know, Ryan and Eva.)


Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to date only attractive people -- the problem is that most people think they're way more attractive than they are. So you're probably seeking out that 5-star stud, while he's looking for that 5-star hottie, and that's not you. Though you think it is. This can make for a totally empty inbox. Remember, for every unattractive person you are filtering out, three are filtering YOU out!

And let's just think about what is important in a relationship, shall we? Yes, being attracted to your partner is important. But who you're attracted to isn't necessarily who everyone else would agree is attractive. And if everyone else on the Internet thinks your gal or guy is the hottest thing they've ever seen, really, you want to date this person? Wouldn't you feel a bit insecure?

As for body type, okay, filtering those who say they're "overweight" is fine if that is what you want to do. But guess what? All those people think they're "athletic." You're going to get them in your matches anyway.

Maybe you want to filter out "athletic" types, because you're a couch potato and don't want anyone who has anything resembling abs. Yeah, that happens. (Cough.)

People are notoriously bad at accurately describing themselves. There is really not one man on the planet who doesn't add two inches to his height if he's below 5'8". And from what I've heard from guys, most women are using pictures that are five years old, and describing themselves as "curvy" when they're 100 pounds overweight.

Anyway, the point is this. If you're too hung up on looks, you're going to end up disappointed. Because looks fade -- and fast. If you're not convinced of this, check out this mugshot.

I'm not saying hook up with someone who makes you want to gag when you look at him or her -- that would be insane.

But have you ever noticed how people get more attractive when you discover how thoughtful, sweet, and caring they are?

Back to that "jerk" filter. Oh, if only someone could invent one of those!

Would you only date attractive people?


Image via thurlbut/Flickr

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