Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried May Start Their Family Much Sooner Than We Thought

Desiree and ChrisDesiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried have been blowing up the Twittersphere with loads of mushy gushy coupley things. You know, bragging about their double date with other Bachelor couples, using the word "babe" an unsettling amount, that sorta stuff. But Desi's latest Twitter confession makes us think that the engaged duo is really ready to take their relationship to the NEXT level. On Tuesday, Desi told her 240,000+ followers that she and Chris may "end up with a puppy" soon!

Adding to the family already, are we? Okay, a puppy is a step below having a little bundle of joy all your own. However, it's a MAJOR commitment. Sure, Desiree and Chris are already engaged, but this is a decision that could make or break their relationship.


Getting a dog is a massive responsibility. It's different than paying the bills or making sure the grass gets cut, it's a living, breathing thing that needs love, affection, and a whole lot of attention. With that said, it's always interesting in a relationship to see how your companion handles this kind of intense responsibility.

If your partner doesn't take care of the dog, that's a huge indication of what could happen when you -- dun dun dunnnnn -- have a child. Sure, one thing is a human and one thing is an animal, but it's important to seek out that compassionate nature. It's important to see how they take care of something that arguably means a lot to the both of you. If your fella can't be bothered to take the dog for a walk because Sunday football is on, what do you think it gonna happen when your future child is crying in the crib? Yeah, it's not seeming too promising.

Do you think Chris and Desi are ready for a dog?


Image via DesHartsock/Twitter

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