Wife Tells Husband She’s Gay But He Has Even Bigger News (VIDEO)

When Cat Kaufman decided to tell her husband of 20 years, David, that she had some big news, she was quite nervous. After all, she was about to tell him something that would rock his world, shatter their marriage, and most likely destroy their relationship: That she was a lesbian. "I could tell she was nervous," David said when Cat sat him down and told him she had some news to share. After she said that she had been "thinking of dating women," David didn't cry, or explode, or even demand a divorce. Because he had some news too. He was gay as well! Not even the craziest sitcom would try to get away with this scenario, but it happened in real life. And then it got even stranger!


After Cat broke her news to her husband, she received the unexpected answer, "Get out of town! I just figured out I'm gay!" At that point, her nerves turned to excitement and relief, she said.

But there was something else David didn't tell her -- probably because he hadn't quite figured it out himself yet. But a year later, he finally did.

He wasn't gay. He was a woman

"No, I don’t just want to be female. I really am female," David, who became transgender and changed his name to Dani, told CBS News.

Kind of unfortunate that Dani didn't feel she was a lesbian, but a heterosexual woman instead, or things could have worked out perfectly for this pair. Instead, they remained friends and live minutes from each other. Hey, maybe that is perfect.

"We're each other's best friend," says Cat.

Aww, something sweet about this! It really goes to show you that it is the person inside that counts.

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