Husband Must Get 10,000 Facebook Likes to Save His Marriage (PHOTO)

Ivan Lewis is nearly to his goal of getting his wife back. The man needs 10,000 likes before his wife, Sonya Gore, will agree to allow him to return to the marital fold. Gee, what did Ivan do? Pee on the carpet? Sorta. He cheated. So his wife made him hold up a "I Cheated on My Wife! (and she was ugly!)" sign on Facebook with the goal of getting 10,000 likes before he's forgiven. Because there is nothing like Facebook likes to make the pain of being cheated on a distant memory, amiright?


Lest you think that this public humiliation might be deserved but unwarranted, Ivan's Facebook wall is proudly public and he seems to be enjoying the attention, posting news links to his shame.

Getting what you want by gathering Facebook likes might be cute when it is kids who want a cat. Or a young man who wants a pretty girl to sleep with him. But I'm not so sure about a spouse getting taken back because he gets enough Facebook likes.

In fact, the idea sounds pretty much batshit crazy. Therapy seems to be in order for this couple. Especially since this reportedly isn't the first time Ivan has stepped out -- the couple have supposedly been separated for awhile because of his lowdown ways.

But whatever. Hey, Sonya thinks this is the way for Ivan to "prove his love." She wrote on his wall:

It takes a man to do what he has done he gotta here all the jokes from his so called friends an family an he set that a side to prove his love for me what girl would not want that?

Well, this girl for one. But that's just me, I guess. Anyway, Sonya is only about 2,500 likes from getting hubby back into her good graces. Let's hope this is the last Facebook likes-gathering campaign for these two. Though I wouldn't be too surprised if it's not.

Would you take your man back if he did this for you?


Image via Ivan Lewis/Facebook

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