Divorced Celebrity Couple Caught Snuggling Makes Us Wonder How Close Is Too Close?

Sean Penn and Madonna may have divorced 24 years ago, but the couple was caught canoodling like giddy teenagers at an event in New York City Tuesday. They were at a party for Steven Klein’s ScreenProjectRevolution, and even though stars like Lindsay Lohan and Anderson Cooper were vying for the musical maven’s attention, onlookers say she only had eyes for her ex.

I can’t say that I expect the same sort behavior when I go out with my ex-husband tonight. Because that’s happening.


So why, why, why would I go out with my soon-to-be-ex-husband just five months after our split and before our divorce is even final? For the kids, of course. Our eldest daughter turned 10 today, and the one thing she wanted more than anything for her birthday was to have “one last family dinner” at her favorite restaurant.

So I’m sucking it up, putting on my big girl pants, and plan to make the event entirely about her.

Navigating a workable relationship with someone you used to share a life with is complicated, to put it mildly. Granted, I’m in a different boat than Madonna when it comes to this situation -- she was married for less time, a lot longer ago, and they didn’t share any children -- so I’m sure her code of conduct is going to differ from mine significantly.

But now I’m trying to figure out how to act around the girls’ dad. I’m not going to be sharing any smooches, but what about hugs? Will it give the girls false hope to see us interacting at dinner tonight, or will it help them feel at peace that even though we live apart now, we won’t let our mess get in the way of our relationships with them?

Where are the boundaries? Certainly somewhere between ice queen and shameless flirt -- but where?

I guess that’s just something all (ex) couples have to figure out, and I suppose that as long as everyone is as happy and comfortable as possible, then that’s what works.

Do you think it’s possible to be too close to your ex?

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