Heartbroken Bride Turns Cancelled Wedding Into Lavish Affair -- For Homeless People

If you end up calling off your wedding shortly before the big day, and everyone is already paid for, there's a few things you can do: Cry. Yell. Try to get back as much money as you can. Cry some more. Throw a party. Orrrrr there's what Willie and Carol Fowler decided to do when their daughter, Tamara, cancelled her wedding about a month before it was supposed to happen. They decided to hold the wedding anyway. After all, why let all of that pre-paid coconut shrimp and salmon go to waste? Only, figuring it would be awkward to have a wedding without the bride and groom, Fowler didn't invite anyone on the wedding list. Nope. They invited 200 homeless people.


Fowler's daughter had once volunteered for Hosea Feed the Hungry, so her parents thought it would be the perfect organization to reap the benefits of a cancelled but already paid for shindig. They renamed the wedding Fowler Family Celebration of Love, and brought in 200 homeless people, including 50 children.

Carol says the whole thing was her husband Willie's idea. She told ABC News:

It was a vision. He said he had prayed on it during the night and God had directed him and that's what we were going to do.

The organization thought the call from the Fowlers was a "prank" because it was "too good to be true." But true it was and soon buses transported 200 homeless individuals to the wedding venue. The kids got their own room with face painting and clowns.

The event also included a motivational speaker.

And what of the Fowlers' daughter, who attended what would have been her own wedding, but wasn't? Her mom said it was "bittersweet but rewarding" for her and that "she was also very delighted to see and know that others had an opportunity to enjoy something, rather than just allow it to go to waste."

Kudos for the Fowlers for coming up with an excellent plan to make good use of all of that food, drink, and merriment.

The Fowlers' daughter may not have found the perfect match yet -- but sounds like she has some just about perfect parents!

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Image via Callocx/Flickr

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