7 Things No One Warns You About Your Wedding Day

arrow wedding directionsYou can read every article in every bridal magazine, every Q&A or checklist on wedding websites, and pick your married friends brains for MONTHS and still be unprepared for some of the "OMG" (both wonderful and cringe-worthy) moments you're bound to encounter wedding planning and finally walking down the aisle. That's why just about anyone who has ever been a bride has coulda/shoulda/woulda thoughts well after they've someone's Mrs.

While it's not healthy to dwell on those thoughts, it doesn't hurt to dish on what you only wish you had known! Hey, it could be the heads-up that saves another bride's day. Here, 7 things brides often wish they'd been warned/advised about before their Big Day ...


What do you wish you had been warned/advised about before your wedding?

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