Miley Cyrus Can't Get Over Liam Hemsworth If She Hangs Onto That Engagement Ring

miley cyrusNow that the Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus split is official, breakup details -- and rumors, of course -- are running as rampant as Miley's foam finger all over Robin Thicke. The latest: Liam reportedly told Miley she should keep the Neil Lane hand-cut vintage 3.5-carat diamond engagement ring he gave Miley back in her much cleaner-cut days. Well, that's generous ... not to mention all sorts of sad!

Granted, Liam doesn't exactly have much use for it ... Let's be serious: It's not like he's going to want to hang on to a ring from a defunct engagement. But why would Miley? Why would anyone, for that matter?


Hanging on to sentimental, albeit valuable items like an engagement ring that are so closely linked to a broken relationship just seems like an all-around baaaad idea. Even if it's just in a small, back-of-the-mind, subconscious way, it's clinging to the past -- refusing to let go of something you once had that is irrefutably over. And that clinging can't possibly help lay the foundation for moving on in a healthy way that ultimately leads to lasting happiness with someone else. If anything, it's probably detracting from it!

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For that reason, it would only serve to make sense for any woman left with an engagement ring that isn't ever going to nestle up next to a wedding band from the same man to put it toward something else, something completely unrelated that's also near and dear to her heart.

I can't help but remember the episode of Sex & the City in which Charlotte gave her ring from Trey to Carrie to help her buy her apartment. I'm not sure if Miley has a Carrie equivalent in her life ... (Actually, I doubt she does, because no Carrie-like friend would let her get away with wearing some of those eye-poppingly fugly excuses for couture she's been wearing lately.) But I'm sure she'd do well to sell the rock and put the dough toward a charity. Come to think of it, that could also be a win-win by making us less likely to think she's on the express bus to Crazytown!

What do you think should happen to an engagement ring from a broken relationship?

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