Having Sex for the Exercise Means You’re Doing It Wrong

woman in bedYou know what I love? All those article that tell you how many calories you burn during sex. As if just DOING it wasn't awesome enough, it's also making you skeenee! You're working out, which makes you feel sexy, which makes you want to have more sex, which makes you work out via sex, which... well, you get the idea. But what if it's all just a big lie? Guess what. It is. Apparently sex does not burn as many calories as we've been told: 21 calories if you're at it for a mere 6 minutes (ooh, sorry...) or 85 to 100 calories if you can go at it for a whole 30 minutes. (Go tiger!)

I imagine it's less if you're the type to just lie back and think of your to-do list.


But wait, there are so many fun ways you can burn extra calories while you're having sex. Check out these amazing ways to over-think what was once just a fun, libidinous activity and turn it into something productive!

  • Sex before breakfast!
  • Sex using yoga poses!
  • Eating blueberries before you have the sex!
  • Trying new sex positions!
  • Sucking-in-your-tummy sex!
  • Exercises before and after sex!

See what I mean? Actually, I think sucking-in-tummy sex is already a thing. And trying new positions is something you would do just for fun anyway. Really, you could probably find a way to make all of these things fun, but you're going to ruin all the joy of sex if your primary thought is burning calories. I mean, sure, burning calories is kind of the icing on the cake (not even the icing, maybe the sprinkles). But sex is supposed to be naughty, not nice. Thinking about core-toning is NOT erotic. Ooh, baby, let's do it in Crane Swooping In To Spear Fish Pose! See? You're supposed to be bad, not good.

Do you care how many calories you burn during sex?


Image via Robynlou8/Flickr

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