Divorced Couple Forced to Split Their House in Half & Live Under the Same Roof

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Can you imagine living in the same house as your ex-spouse after your divorce was final? Well, that's exactly what's happening to one couple in Spain. A judge has decided that their home should be split into two separate spaces -- because he believes it's what's best for the well being of the couple's children, and it will benefit them financially.

Their pad is a 2,700-square-foot apartment, and supposedly it's going to be split in half so the wife can live upstairs while the husband resides downstairs.

And while it's not exactly the worst arrangement in the world given the fact that they will at least have their own spaces -- it definitely does lend itself to more conflict if they have trouble treating each other civilly.


And what if the two units in the home don't have separate entrances? Yeah, that could get a little bit awkward, especially when one of them moves on and brings home a date for a night cap, if you catch my drift.

Huh. I may be going out on a bit of a limb here -- but maybe if these two had been ordered to live in different areas of the house a while ago, they wouldn't be going through a divorce right now. Come on ... think about it for a second. What if you had part of your house that was strictly designated as yours where your husband was not permitted to enter? You know, like your own private bathroom that smells like lavender and doesn't have towels thrown on the floor.

Or what if you had your very own bedroom complete with a big, fluffy bed where the sheets are perfectly tucked in and you don't have to fight anyone for the covers at night? (I could get behind that. Just throwing it out there.)

And I'm sure most husbands wouldn't complain about having a man cave to retreat to when they need a little time on their own. Maybe if the dude in Spain had one, it would've been just enough to do the trick and get their relationship back on track again.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm thinking a lot of fights could be avoided if couples had a little bit more breathing room.

Wishful thinking, I'm sure -- but wouldn't it be funny if living apart is exactly what these two need to find their way back together? Stranger things have happened.

Could you share your home with your ex?


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