Whirlwind 7-Day Romance Leads to Proposal … Will It Last??

John Morgan and Stephanie Nixon met on an online dating site and started flirting … and 8 days later he proposed. On the radio. And she said yes. Holy moly, talk about a whirlwind romance!

Stephanie said of her very new boyfriend and even newer fiancé, "You hear about love at first sight and you don't believe it at all, but as soon as I saw him, I just knew. It was an immediate and perfect connection.”


According to the couple, they started chatting online, quickly moved the conversation to the phone, met in person the next day, and spent the next week glued to each other’s sides, finding out that they have everything in common except their fondness for onions (she likes them, he doesn’t).

On day 8, John texted Stephanie and asked her to turn on a particular radio station, and to answer the phone when a random number called her. She thought it was going to be a song dedication, but then he popped the question.

I really, really hope this is going to be one of stories for the books, and someday they’ll be reminiscing with their grandchildren or bridge partners about how they knew after a few days, and decades later are still madly in love.

There’s just one part of the story that isn’t sitting so well with me … they have three kids each. John is 38, and Stephanie is 31, so presumably most (if not all) of those kids are minors and living at home. No word on the custody arrangements, but if bonding over having the same number of children brought them closer together, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they are each involved in their kids’ lives.

It’s one thing if it were just the two of them … then sure, make whatever decisions you two crazy lovebirds want to make. But when kids are involved … well, my relationship with the milk in my fridge right now is more than a week old. And I sniff that stuff for signs of having gone bad every time I mix a glass of chocolate milk for my 5-year-old.

I’m not saying that they’re wrong for each other -- they may be very right and absolutely perfect together. I just don’t think that’s something you can tell in a week.

Here’s to hoping they prove me wrong.

Do you think it’s possible to know someone is The One after only a week?

Image via Tiffany Nevin/Flickr

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