28 Things Husbands Do That Drive Us Crazy

Sure, we love them (a lot), but let's face it, when you live with someone day in day out for what feels like an eternity, the little quirks that were once endearing, or at least easy to ignore, can become somewhat irritating, exasperating, irksome, maddening, and grating. Have I said too much?

Last week, my husband -- who has pretty much no idea how to use most of the items in our home or where we keep them for that matter -- screamed from the kitchen (after having a tooth extracted), "Hey honey, where do we keep the saltwater, or do we not have any in the house?" I was tempted to send him to the store to futilely search for a bottle o' saltwater simply to avoid dealing with the ridiculousness of that question, plus I needed time to think of reasons I love him.

Instead, I enlisted my awesome FB Fans to help make this list of things our husbands do that drive us mad ...

  1. "He constantly pours out drinks. He puts nothing else in our house away, but if you are not actively holding the cup and sipping, you're done with it. (The last time he poured out my latte, he almost lost an arm.)" -- Jenny From the Blog ... AKA Me
  2. "He chews really loudly. I can forgive it when he's eating chips or something naturally crunchy, but who chews yogurt? My husband, that's who!" -- Kendra P.
  3. "He always announces when he has to make a poop." -- Amy L.
  4. "Did you know the Yankees play 165 games a season? We have the MLB extra innings station on TV. 'Nuf said!! PS: I'm a Red Sox fan." -- Jamie F.
  5. "When he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I'm pretty sure he's aiming for the walls." -- Jenny From the Blog
  6. "He leaves his wet towel on my side of the bed after his shower almost every day, so when I go to get into the bed, my side is damp. He thinks it's no big deal but one of these days he is gonna wake up on fire. Until then I'll just continue to clean the toilet with his toothbrush. Shh." -- Kriss W.
  7. "He doesn't know where we keep anything, like: the spatula, the extra paper towels, the extender to change light bulbs, the forks, the vacuum cleaner ... the oven." -- Debb R.
  8. "I have some variation of this conversation DAILY: 'Which orange juice do I buy?' 'The same one we've bought forever, Tropicana (no pulp).' 'Yeah, they must be out of that today.'" -- Wendy L.
  9. "Once he tried to make hard-boiled eggs for my son. I told him, 'All you have to do is boil water.' When it was boiling, he screamed, 'Okay, now what?'" -- Jenny From the Blog
  10. "If something isn't within plain view he can't find it, did I say plain view? I meant actually in his hands." -- Becky P.
  11. "He always seems to want to have sex when I don't." -- Franny
  12. "I asked if he would try and get healthy with me ... he stuck his hand in a bag of mini Oreos and said, 'Yep I'm totally on board.'" -- Jess M.
  13. "He has the same attitude about the hamper and the sink that most people have about horseshoes. 'Eh, close enough.'" -- Jenny From the Blog
  14. "Trash day has been Monday and Thursday for the last decade, plus he has to pass everyone else's cans as he drives out of our development -- and still he forgets 50 percent of the time." -- Lily F.
  15. "Sometimes he blows his nose on the cloth napkins at restaurants. Seriously, who under 85 does that?" -- Cherie G.
  16. "He stuffs a pillow and the comforter between his knees when he sleeps, then he rolls over at least once a night -- taking it all with him." -- Tamara C.
  17. "When he's sick the world stop spinning on its axis, he leaves a mound of tissues on the floor that you could pitch off of, and I'm pretty sure he walks around wiping his hands on every handle, phone, and remote in our home." -- Jenny From the Blog
  18. "I have to tell him everything a thousand times. For two months we went to the bathroom in the dark because I refused to remind him to change the bulb and apparently sitting on the toilet in a dark room wasn't reminder enough." -- Tracey T.
  19. "When there isn't enough milk for cereal or whatnot but there is a second UNOPENED container, he will ignore the first and open the second." -- Megan E.
  20. "He thinks that sneezing off to the side is the same as covering your mouth. This is especially annoying when we're in the car and he sneezes straight onto the closed window."  -- Kelly S.
  21. "He always announces when he's straightened up, which is actually a good thing because I wouldn't be able to tell otherwise." -- Jenny From the Blog
  22. "He is a handyman, lucky me, he can fix anything AND leaves tools wherever the fixing took place. Guess who puts it away?" -- Amy B.
  23. "He leaves his stuff all over the place and then complains that I 'hide' it from him by putting it where it belongs, i.e., the closet, a drawer, the GARBAGE CAN!" -- Michele D.
  24. "Every night he asks, 'What are WE going to do for supper?'" -- Kathy B.
  25. "He always parks in the spot closest to where he enters the parking lot, which is usually the farthest from the actual store. As we walk, I annoyingly point out every spot we could've had." -- Jenny From the Blog
  26. "He thinks that when he talks to me in the middle of the night and I'm mostly asleep that I should remember everything he said and in fact praise him for his communication skills." -- Tara D.
  27. "He asks where the xyz is but doesn't listen for the answer. He just continues looking where he thinks it ought to be and telling me that he can't find it." -- Kimberlie S.
  28. "He eats Doritos, Cheetos, and Cheez-Its in bed. I love finding orange fingerprints on our white bedding or a Dorito corner embedded in my thigh." -- Jenny From the Blog

PS -- Don't feel bad for the hubbies, especially mine, the list of things I love about him is way longer. Plus, I'm sure he could make lengthy list of all the irritating things I do -- but luckily, he has no idea where we keep the pens and paper. Phew ...

All right, now spill, it's cathartic: What annoys you about the spouse you so dearly love?

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