8 Ways to Stay Romantically Connected to Your Partner Post-Baby

couple kissingGenerally, we wait until about six weeks after birth to start having sex again. For some women, it can be longer -- much longer. They may want to have sex, but their body may not be ready. It's no mystery why one of the greatest fears couples face when deciding to have a baby is how that child will change their sex life. But it definitely doesn't have to. In fact, you can come up with some creative ways to stay connected and keep the intimacy alive without having sex.

It's possible! All you need are two willing partners. And of course a baby who naps well and allows you a little 'adult' time. If that's not the case, make sure you have a sitter because mommy and daddy need to stay romantically connected. And here's how ....


1. Snuggle time. Surely you are snuggling with baby. But are you snuggling with your partner? Time to do that.

2. Say, no, honey I'll clean the bathroom. Maybe this one is just for the person who didn't have the baby, but offering to clean and letting the other person just relax is a total turn-on. Sometimes it says "I love you" more than a dozen flowers can.

3. Have a candlelit home-cooked dinner. You can take time and prepare a dinner together or have one prepare and the other set the mood with candles and dim lights. Eat at the table, not on the couch in front of the TV. Enjoy each other for those moments even if baby wakes up midway through the meal.

4. Have a night out. Aim for once a week, but never let a full month go by without having a night out together. Ask grandma to watch the baby or hire a sitter. It's very worth it to get out even for an hour -- just the two of you, even if it's for coffee down the street -- and connect.

5. Buy some pretty, sexy things. Sure your size may change in the coming weeks, but you still need to feel sexy to be sexy. Why not buy a little something with lace or a delicate nightgown to stir up a little romance.

6. Make out. Most of us don't kiss as much as we should -- wouldn't you agree? Kissing doesn't have to always lead to sex. Pucker up with your sweetheart.

7. Have oral sex or touch each other until you reach orgasm. Just because penetration is out of the question, oral sex or playing with each other doesn't have to be. Maybe mama isn't ready for that yet, but maybe she is ready to pleasure daddy and just that act will turn her on.

8. Try massage. Running your hands all over your partner's body always feels good. Even just a 5- or 10-minute massage keeps you in touch with each other ... in more ways than one.


Image via Dan Grebb/Flickr

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