Beyonce Starts Kooky Style Trend We Just Can't Get Behind

fingernail ringsFrom the robot glove she rocked in the famous "Single Ladies" music video to her trompe l'oeil "breast-baring costume," Beyonce has rocked TONS of seriously kooky styles over the course of her career. Some deserve to be adopted by the masses, sure. Others, notsomuch. One of the latest: Mani rings, also referred to as fingernail rings. Bey wore a snake-style $36,000 version in her "Sweet Dreams" music video, and now, the nail bling is called one of the next big things.

The design -- described as across between a ring and a false nail -- is cropping up all over Instagram. Fans claim they're a quick, fun way to accessorize and "stand out from the crowd." Plus, they can be a quick way to hide a broken nail in a pinch! But let's be real ... Are they actually sensible or even pretty?!


I can't think of one place where I could get away with wearing something like this and not looking like a complete fool. Come on. Of course it works for BEYONCE in a surrealistic music video! But I kiiinda have a feeling the diva's wacky accessory is simply not gonna translate for most women -- whether you're picking up groceries or the tab at a trendy restaurant on date night.

Plus, how comfortable or practical is wearing one or more of these suckers? Won't they get in the way when you're trying to carry out everyday tasks? Not that I'm advocating nonstop smartphone usage, but most of us can't take a five-minute breather from texting or Instagraming or Facebooking. Now how does that work while trying to sport a mani ring, hmm?!

Hey, maybe someone criticized nail polish in the same way several decades ago, but I'm willing to go out on a limb to say mani rings are just plain ridiculous. If it helps some people make a statement, more power to 'em, but I have a feeling that even five years from now, they'll be looking back at all those Instagram snaps, cringing, and wondering, "What the ... was I thinking?!" (And by the way, when a style has made its way to Claire's and retails for $3.25 on clearance, it has probably jumped the shark!)

What do you think about "mani rings"? Would you ever wear one, two, 10?!


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