Man Wakes Up With Amnesia & Can’t Believe How Hot His Wife Is (VIDEO)

jason mortensenNot many couples get the chance to see each other with fresh eyes -- and by fresh eyes I mean as if you'd never seen your spouse before ever in your entire life. One lucky man got that chance. Patient Jason Mortensen woke up from hernia surgery to see his wife's lovely face -- but he had amnesia and had no idea who she was. (Apparently that's pretty common for people coming out of heavy sedation.) As far as he could tell, though, she was about the hottest woman he'd ever laid eyes on. In the video his wife took, he goes on and on about how pretty she is. And when she kindly informs him that she's his wife? Oh man, you just have to see how reacts to that happy news.


Oh my god, I'm so happy for them both! Isn't that the sweetest? So much better than the time a relative of mine woke up from general anesthesia and was told his mother-in-law was there to see him. "That bitch!" he slurred. Oops.

Ahem, but back to this lovely couple. It's adorable how stunned Mortensen is by his wife's beauty. We don't get to see her, but whatever she's got going on, it must be something. Or anyway, it sure does work for him. I love that after six years of marriage, Mortensen still thinks his wife is gorgeous -- let's hope he still thinks the same after 40 years of marriage.

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As for Mortensen's wife, this must have felt great. I'm sure she had nothing but her husband's well-being in mind as he was waking up from his surgery. What a bonus to find out that not only is he well, but he's fucking thrilled he married you!

Apparently Mortensen did recover his memory and isn't stuck with a spouse he doesn't know, like in The Vow. I mean, not that he'd mind, apparently. But as wonderful as it is to see your spouse with fresh eyes, there's no replacement for the shared memories of a happy marriage.

P.S., Some folks think this video is a hoax. Kill joys.

What do you think your spouse or significant other would say if he woke up with amnesia and saw you?


Image via Jason Mortensen/YouTube

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