Hilarious 'Defined Lines' Goes Viral Because It's the Best 'Blurred Lines' Parody Ever (VIDEO)

Defined LinesI think it's safe to say that parodies of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" are absolutely everywhere lately. But really -- have you seen Bill Clinton singing "Blurred Lines"? Or how about "Furred Lines" with a bazillion TOO CUTE dogs? So. Awesome.

But the newest parody entitled "Defined Lines" blows all those other ones out of the water. To all the ladies who think that "Blurred Lines" promotes rape culture and Robin Thicke got a little carried away with all these naked women in the song's uncensored version, this one's for you. Prepare yourself to feel slightly vindicated then fall off your chair laughing while watching this parody from the Law Revue Girls, a student group at Auckland University.

Watch "Defined Lines" and see what I mean.



Ha! When the man's eating the sandwich! And I most definitely laughed out loud when the hashtag #notfuckingplastic flashed across my screen.

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Are they pushing the lines a little bit here with this parody? Yeah, I'd say so. I mean, come on, they're walking these men on leashes! I also think it's all in good fun though, and these women just want to show the world what it looks like (and how uncanny it is) when the roles are reversed from the original.

An interesting side note: YouTube even pulled the video briefly on Monday after it was flagged for "inappropriate content." I for one am happy it's back on the web. This is something everyone should have a chance to get a laugh at!

What do you think of "Defined Lines"?


Image via Law Revue/YouTube

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