Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman Are Officially a Happy Couple Now

Simon CowellAre Simon Cowell and new girlfriend Lauren Silverman trying a little too hard to show the world they are happy and together? Yes that's right! She is officially his girlfriend now! The couple was recently spotted and photographed all lovey-dovey while kissing and canoodling around France on holiday. Silverman is now back at home in the Hamptons spending time with her 8-year-old son Adam, but not before she and her 20-years-older boyfriend were snapped in a smooch that didn't look anything like a contrived, posed and publicist-directed shot coming out of a London restaurant -- no not at all!


Cowell has also reportedly been teasing reporters who keep asking if he's going to marry his babymama, to which he just gives them open-ended answers intended to keep them guessing. He's clearly really enjoying this. You have to admit he did do a pretty good job of diffusing what was promising to explode into a very embarrassing situation with the discovery of the affair and a potentially messy divorce for Silverman.

Heck, that whole thing was so short-lived, we have to doubt whether any of that even happened at all. I mean ... look at that smooch! Aren't they a sweet couple?

Where do you think this relationship is going? Is marriage in the cards?


Image via Splash News

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